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Noli Irritare Leonem

Leon High School was established in 1871 and has fielded a football team since 1916. The football program at Leon is one of the oldest and highly revered aspects of Leon's historic tradition. Leon Football is one of the most successful programs in Florida. Let the pride and tradition continue . . .

Winter in the Lion's Den

DEC 9 - Touchdown Club Meeting, 6 p.m. Field House - planning for January Football Award Ceremony

JAN 22 - Football Award Ceremony & Banquet, 6 p.m., Leon High School.  All JV & Varsity players & families invited. Volunteers needed to help organize - email Shannon Lingo a

FEB 4 - National Signing Day

FEB 7 - Fundraiser- Leon Football to host Twirling Competition

Coach Gowan Family

We are deeply saddened to share that Coach Marcus Gowan's parents have lost their home & all contents in a house fire.  The fire occurred Friday night, Nov.14, during the play-off game in Niceville.  Thankfully, his parents were not injured.  For additional information and the opportunity to make a donation, please visit  Any amount is greatly appreciated!  Thank you.

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